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    S-NPP Data Exploitation Daily (NDE_DAILY) - S-NPP Data Exploitation Daily (NDE_DAILY) - The S-NPP Data Exploitation (NDE) system ingests Suomi-S-NPP sensor, temperature, environmental, intermediate and application related data records from the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) to generate a set of satellite products referred to as NOAA Unique Products (NUPs). These NUPs from NDE are executed within the NDE near real-time environment. The Level 3 Polar Winds data are derived from the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) and cover the Arctic and Antarctic from 65 degrees latitude poleward. Tropospheric winds are measured by tracking the motion of cloud features in the overlapping region of three successive orbits. A triplet of images is used to facilitate consistency checking and quality control. Wind products include wind speed, direction, and height at high latitudes. The VIIRS Green Vegetation Fraction (GVF) dataset is used as an input to land surface models to provide a better characterization of the earth surface. NESDIS will evaluate the vegetation environmental data records, compare VIIRS composites to the legacy baseline for consistency, implement algorithm enhancements, and tailor the products for use by NWP models and continuity requirements. The VIIRS Vegetation Health Products (VHP) algorithm provides weekly estimates of the Vegetation Condition Index (VCI), Temperature Condition Index (TCI) and Vegetation Health Index (VHI). These indices are designed to characterize moisture (VCI), thermal (TCI) and total vegetation health (VHI) conditions in response to weather impacts. The VHP algorithm requires a smoothed Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Brightness Temperature (BT) from VIIRS. A 15-week time series smoothing technique is used. Data in the middle of the time series present the best result, and so the data of the 7th week (prior) is the final product. NDE VIIRS-based products provide mission continuity from the AVHRR on NOAA and MetOp series satellites. These products are distributed in the netCDF-4 file format with metadata attributes included.

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